Bubble Pics

The Photo Beast’s new project

If you’re looking for something different for your next event, Bubble Pics are the answer!

Our new Bubble Pics are a great alternative to the classic photo booth.  With Bubble Pics we use a specialized lighting technique and special photo processing to make sure every side is your good side. It’s perfect for solo shots, couples, or even large groups.

How does it work?

  1. Guests pick out props, or they can go propless
  2. Our custom Bubble Pics sensor shows the guests where to stand
  3. The guests press the start button
  4. The software gives your guests a 5 second countdown before snapping the photo
  5. Our software runs the photo through our Bubble Pics filter
  6. The photo is automatically printed

The Bubble Pic lens

The lens we use is an ultra fast, high quality, multi-coated, wide angle lens. What’s that mean? It’s expensive and takes great photos!  Our Bubble Pic lens is capable of seeing 180º.  This feature transforms any room into an interesting background perfect for your event.  If your guests want some goofy shots, this lens is great for that too.  The closer they get to the camera the greater the Bubble Pic effect.

Automation is very important

If you were attending a reception and a photographer asked you to pose so he or she could snap your photo, there’s a bit of awkwardness to the interaction.  We remove the awkwardness by removing the photographer from the equation.  Your guests are in control and they’ll be much more comfortable posing for themselves rather than a stranger.

Price – $1499

  • Up to 5 hours
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Props
  • Instant prints
  • Custom prints
  • Online gallery
  • Attendant
  • Studio quality lighting
  • Professional camera
  • Professional printer
  • Specialized image processing

Booking our Bubble Pics for your event is easy.  Once you’ve filled out the check Pricing and Availability form, you’ll hear from a photo booth representative via email.  In the email you’ll receive lots of details and a contract.  To reserve your date we’ll need you to fill out the contract and send it back to us. When it arrives here we’ll send you a signed copy for your records.