Green Screen Photo Booth

A green screen photo booth is the most economical way to take your guests anywhere in the world.  Photo booths are exciting but guests are always impressed by the mystery of green screen technology.

Here’s how it works

Our green screen photo booth allows for any image to be turned into the background for your photo booth sessions.  We’ll help you pick the right photos for your event. Your guests take photos just like our classic booth.  The only difference is instead of a colored curtain behind them, they’ll have a special green screen material.  Our software automatically will replace all the green with the photo that you chose.

Our green screen photo booth can help take your next themed party to the next level.  Have your Luau guests sip piña coladas on the beach, or take your Holiday Party guests to the North Pole.  The only limit to our green screen photo booth is your own imagination.

Booking our Green Screen Photo booth for your event is easy.  Once you’ve filled out the check Pricing and Availability form, you’ll hear from a photo booth representative via email.  In the email you’ll receive lots of details and a contract.  To reserve your date we’ll need you to fill out the contract and send it back to us. When it arrives here we’ll send you a signed copy for your records.